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Home Plans & Interior Design Services

You want the big picture for your project, and want to expand on your vision with a all the details, in a road map to guide your project.

I will help you explore what appeals to you aesthetically, as well as what your home needs functionally.

As your Designer, I see myself as your trusted advisor and partner throughout the design process.

All services start with a free phone call where we get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.  We can discuss your project, timeline & budget and decide which of the services below will work for you.  Up to 15 minutes.

Free Phone Consultation with Designer Annilee Waterman

→E-Design – Online interior design service for clients worldwide.


You are not in the Dallas Texas area,  or you just want a design and shopping list.  Go Here for MORE INFO.

You Get:

  1. Concept style board
  2. Two rounds of changes
  3. Final Style Board
  4. Shopping List with clickable online shopping links

Low Commitment Consultation:

We meet in person at your space or job site.  This is a paid working meeting where we will review your needs & options, brainstorm ideas, make decisions, establish or allocate your budget, and set a plan for you to implement either on your own or with more help.


You want quick, expert advice or decision making about your decor, remodel plans or a new home build.  You’re either just getting started gathering ideas, or you’re going for it DIY style.  You’re not sure if you want long term help, or a To-Do list so you can get moving.

You get:  Expert solutions to your immediate problem & a plan to move forward.  It could be: Answers to any of your questions, help with selections, new ideas, insight into the design process, yes or no to things you’ve picked out,  paint colors.

Don’t worry, if you decide you want more help, we can move on to other services listed below.


Ongoing Consultation Service – Pay-As-Go:

Help and guidance as you need it, at any point in your project.


You’ve decided to DIY or GC your project on your own, but you want help and advice along the way, just when you need it.

You get:  Meetings, phone calls or emails when you need help.  Just call or email to schedule.


Flat Rate Design: 

Depending on your desired investment, we come up with a price and level of service that fits.


You want to redecorate or remodel, but you want to know your cost upfront, and you want to implement the design in your own time.

You get:  A combination of all or some of:  A set number of meetings, a measured and drawn floor plan, finish selections, furniture selections, shopping list.

Price based on your budget, with services adjusted to fit.


New House Plans:

Planning your new home from the ground up.  Help with layouts & style, and coordinating with contractors through the process.


You want to build a new home (yay!)  You need a design and a plan and documents to get your loan, bids & permits.

You Get:  Floor plans, Elevations, Bid Documents, Construction Documents, Material selections, coordinating with contractors.

See the whole process here:  Building Design Process

What is a Building Designer?

Price varies based on complexity of your needs.  We would first start with a paid consultation, to determine the scope of work.

Full Service Design:

Help and guidance throughout the process, from beginning to end.


You want to redecorate or remodel but you want help throughout the process, with all of the choices and decision making ahead.

You Get:  A site meeting to get started, a proposal showing scope of work & design fee estimate for the full project, drafted plans, selections, purchasing, installation, contractor liason throughout, meetings as needed throughout.

See the whole process here:  Interior Design Process

Price varies based on complexity of your needs.  We would first start with a consultation, to determine the scope of work.

Historic Home Renovation 


You have bought or are planning to buy a Historic Property or Old House Where do you start?  What special things need to be considered?  How do I stay true to the history?


Any of the services above!

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