E-Design Virtual Decorating

E-Design is the modern approach to design,

managed exclusively via online communication.

     My e-design service is much like the on line design services offered by the big box companies (Laurel & Wolf, Havenly, Modsy)  The BIG difference is that by hiring me, an independent designer, you will get personalized design, custom tailored for you.  You will also be supporting a small business.


  • Email Consultation
  • Secret Pinterest Board Collaboration
  • 1 Mood Board
  • 1 Floor Plan
  • 1 Shopping list with clickable links
  • Written instructions for installation.



Step 1: Email me to Get Started  Hello@DesignerAnnilee.com

We will chat over email to discuss the services you need and the price.

Step 2: Purchase your design package.

I’ll send you an invoice payable online.  Payment must be received before any services begins. Hello@DesignerAnnilee.com

Step 3: Take a short survey to assess the needs for your room.

This helps me understand the scope of your project, style, budget, and wish list. The more specific you can be, the better!

Step 4: Send photos, a floor plan and measurements of the room

The floor plan can be simple and hand-drawn. Measure the overall length of each wall, and please include dimensions like ceiling height, doorways, windows, and any important architectural elements.  If you have a Pinterest board with inspiration ideas, please send me the link. HOW TO MEASURE A ROOM

Step 5: The Design Phase

Once I have all the information and you’ve purchased your package, we’ll start on the fun part – the design phase! You should expect to receive a preliminary design board within 2 weeks, and you’ll be able to provide feedback at that time.  Timely responses from your side will ensure the best experience, and with good communication, we can put together the design plan in just a couple of weeks!

Step 6: Pinterest Collaboration

  1. Follow me on Pinterest: Designer Annilee, and I will send you an invitation to our private group board.
  2. Your mood board will be uploaded as well as alternative selections. The mood board contains my favorite combination of pieces plus several variations for you to choose from for each piece to the mood board.
  3. Once in the board, please like (using the heart) the items that you want to keep for the final design plan. Feel free to comment as well, please leave constructive comments that tell me what you love or dislike about a piece. We will collaborate on your preferences before moving on to the next phase for a few days.  You can always email with questions.

Step 7: Receive Final Design Package

Once we have all the pieces selected, I will send over your Design Package.

  • A shopping list with links to the recommended items for your space (along with the ordering specifications like color and size)
  • The suggested floor plan/layout
  • The final design board
  • Rendering (if purchased)
  • Applicable setup instructions

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to  contact me Hello@DesignerAnnilee.com

Packages start at $150 for Mood Boards, $500 per full room design, or $800 for an open concept space (e.g. combined living/dining room).