New Home Design Process ⋆ AW Design Studio


How does the New Home Design Process work?  Here’s the architectural process step by step.

  1. Phone Call

We’ll start off with a phone interview to discuss:

  1. General scope of your project
  2. Your goals
  3. The design process
  4. Your style
  5. Your investment plans
  6. Desired Timeframe
  7. General pricing
  8. Book your Consultation


We will determine which type of service you need,  then set up our first consultation.


  1. Consultation

I meet with you in your home (or via Skype for remote work) for a collaborative work session. This is a working appointment where I provide you with valuable information, advice, resources, and a solid direction for your design project.  We will take a tour of the spaces to be designed, either in real life or on paper.  We will go into details for your vision, investment, time frame & expectations. From this, we will land on a specific scope and level of service to fit your needs.  If you decide to move forward with more services, we will review the terms of my Letter of Agreement.  1 hour $175, 2 hours $300.

  1. Proposal Outlining Project Scope and Estimated Design Fees

I will outline the scope of work for the entire project, the design intent and goals, the estimated design fee, the required deposit to get started, the estimated timeline, and the terms and conditions. The Fee Proposal is approved and the design fee deposit is received to signal the start of the project. The Fee Proposal needs to be approved and fee advance received before I begin your Design Plan. This is when the Letter of Agreement is signed and 75% deposit collected.

—New Home Design Process—


  1. Schematic Design

During our consultation(s) I will collect complete information regarding desired size, function, and aesthetic of your new or renovated spaces. I will create a thorough list of the project objectives, measure the affected spaces, draw base plans, and develop schematic design options in 2-D and 3-D.  At this time we will also research the property and determine any zoning, HOA, Historic District and permitting restrictions or requirements. You will then review the base plan for revisions and decide on the design direction and general material types. (1 meeting)


  1. Design Development

The next step is to refine and revise. I can now add detail and incorporate requested changes. General selection types are outlined and noted.  You will review this time for small updates and final approval, and drawings will be formalized to include a narrative description of project scope, Floor plans, elevations, roof plan, schedules, details and 3-D views that describe extent of demolition and new construction,  and a list of specific products, fixtures, and materials (if selected),  Instructions for install where needed. These plans are essentially complete now, I will email you a printable 11×17 PDF set.


  1. Pricing

Now preliminary pricing may be obtained from professional contractors. During this phase you will take the bid drawing set to the Contractors of your choice. This will included Builders, Structural Engineers, Landscape Architects, HVAC engineers, or any other specialty needed or required for permits. Once preliminary pricing is received, you may wish to adjust the project scope to satisfy budget and time constraints. You and the contractors may mark up the plans, and email a copy of each page marked, and a detailed list of changes to me.


  1. Construction Documents

Changes are incorporated and the final design is detailed. I will develop construction documents. The set will include the drawings necessary and required, as per the project necessities and permit documents required. These may include: • Site plan • Ceiling plans • Zoning and code information • Door and window schedule • Demolition plans • Schedules • Floor plans • Construction details • Sections • General notes • Interior and exterior elevations.  The final 25% payment is due, then I will email you the printable 24×36 PDF set.


  1. Construction Phase

During construction, I will act as your advocate by answering contractor questions, interpreting the construction documents and addressing concerns. If contracted to select finishes, I will assist with products, materials, and colors. Most assistance by the Designer is provided remotely, via telephone and email, with approximately 3 site visits throughout.


​6. Final Walk Through & Resolving Deficiencies

When construction is nearly complete, before final building inspections, we walk through the entire home to check that everything is completed to your satisfaction and standards. I will coordinate with the trade person, subcontractor, or vendor involved to cure any deficiencies. Thankfully, this step is not needed in most cases.


 7. Project Closure 

We can now close out the file for the project and settle the final invoice, if we’ve added services or products. I will also graciously ask for any feedback, reviews and referrals, and discuss any additional projects you would like to move forward with.

​8. Professional Photography

I will schedule a professional photographer to shoot pictures of the project, which I will also share with you. If I intend to have these pictures published in a local or national publication, I will discuss that with you and determine if you want your name disclosed or not.


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