Rustic Homes

The term “rustic” doesn’t  just refer to one particular style, but rather to a group of styles based on rural location and a family centered lifestyle. This architecture can include Farmhouses, Cottages, & Cabins, in several styles.   Many farmhouses were modeled after popular architectural styles at the time they were built, such as Victorian, or English Country.  Some rustic homes were designed for their location or local materials. Farmhouses are family friendly and well-functioning.  Mud rooms for boots, kitchens with the dining room connected, fireplaces. Modern farmhouse plans present streamlined versions of the style with clean lines and open floor plans.

Many of these styles can also be seen reflected in Storybook Style Homes.


  • Traditional proportions
  • Porches, large or wrap-around
  • Large windows
  • Hardwood floors
  • Exposed beams

Farmhouse Style House

Farmhouse Style HouseFarmhouse Style HouseFarmhouse Style House

Modern Farmhouse


Simply charming is how the cottage can be described. It’s not over-done, yet is lovable in a complex sort of way. They are cozy, comfortable, charming and sometimes whimsical.  Inspired by English and French country homes of the middle ages, today a cottage-style house typically refers to a small home, made of stone or wood siding. They can feature a curved brick walkway, Dutch doors, arched dormers and gabled roofs. Climbing vines and overgrown flower gardens complete the look.

Cottage interiors can be decorated with English Country, French County, Farmhouse, or Eclectic Vintage.

Cottage Style House

English CountryEnglish Cottage Style

English Country Interior

English Country Style House English Country Style House

French Country

French Provincial, NormandyFrench-Country-StyleFrench-Country-Style

French Country Style Cottage

Here’s a modern French Country style house that I designed: French Country Style House  Design by AW


CabinCabin Style HouseCabin Style House Rustic Farmhouse

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