What does a Designer do?

“Designers have an artist’s aesthetic sensibility, an engineer’s attention to detail and code compliance, and a business executive’s focus on the bottom line.”

What To Expect

Planning:  I work with you to plan all aspects of your custom home or remodel.  This can be as a consultation, E-Design, full services design, or a customized hybrid service.

Selections:  I work with you to select any or all of the finishes, fixtures, equipment & furnishings.

Purchasing:  I purchase all specialty and decorative items, finish plumbing fixtures & decorative electrical fixtures & window treatments.  Any items selected through my designer sources must be purchased through me.  Items are delivered to the job site for the contractors to install.  Finish Building materials can be selected from the contractor’s vendors, and purchased by the contractor. Rough building materials are always purchased by the contractors.

Drawings:  I draft all architectural plans, and create 3d rendered models for visualization.  These can be conceptual, or fully developed for permits and construction.  All documents are sent as printable PDFs.

During Construction:  I will coordinate with the contractors to ensure that the design plan is being followed.  I will visit the site as needed or requested, and at project milestones.

Photography:  I willphotograph project during all stages, including when project is complete. Photographs will be used for business purposes, including, but not limited to: marketing, press, online publications, social media, advertising, and print.


I DO NOT provide: