How to make your own DIY Rustic Wedding Sign in 5 Easy StepsHow To Make an Easy DIY Rustic Wedding Pallet Sign. This sign is perfect for an outdoor, country or rustic wedding. <3 from


Y’ALL!  This project is SO Easy, and makes a huge impact on your decorations. In my easy, downloadable DIY instructions, I’ll show you How to make your own DIY Rustic Wedding Sign in 5 Easy Steps! You seriously only need 6 things, and it will cost you only about $8!! You may even have most of the stuff at home already. It’s super quick too!


For our wedding, we wanted a casual, outdoor, family barbeque, Party!

I was also working on a tight budget, y’all understand!  So, I wanted to use as much stuff that I either already had, or I could get for free or cheap.  I didn’t have programs printed up, and the whole party was to be outside, so I needed find a way to let the guests know the party schedule.  Then there it was, THE PALLET!  Perfect & Free!!  I made it, and sat it on a bale of hay, leaning on tree. Easy as that.

Check out all the wedding pics, Yes, we really did have a real life Chuck Wagon!


Just shoot me a quick email, and I’ll send you the instructions!

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