design service questions

CAN YOU DESIGN ARCHITECTURE? Yes, I can. I am a “Building Designer” Please see this article for details on my qualifications, and the laws regarding Residential Design. CLICK HERE


DO YOU HAVE CONTRACTORS? I work with the contractors & builders hired by the client. I have found that this is the best way for me to work as your advocate, and create the design that you want.  AWDS does not provide or manage contractor services; so independent contractors hired by the client are an integral part of the process.



  1. Complimentary Phone or Zoom “meet and greet”

  2. Initial Consultation

  3. Letter of Agreement

  4. Down Payment

  5. Schematic Design (How will the space function)

  6. Design Development (Architectural Details, Materials, Colors)

  7. Final Plans

HOW DO YOU WORK? WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT?  Click here for Details




WHAT IF I DECIDE MID-PROJECT I WANT TO ADD MORE TO THE SCOPE? Since I work hourly, increasing the scope is not a problem.  You can add more services any time.


CAN I SHOP ON MY OWN? The depends on the type of service you choose. If you just want me to look over your selections and help make final decisions, then yes, shop away.  However, if you have hired me to design and complete a vision for your space and I ask that you do not select or purchase items on your own. Those selections may not coordinate with the overall design, furniture sizes, or budget I’ve been working with for you. These types of changes cause a ripple effect, and can cost you time and money.

WHAT ADDITIONAL COSTS CAN I EXPECT? I do my best to give you a full cost outlook for the designs I provide.  You should expect to have additional costs for structural engineering, landscape design, audio/visual design, or any other specialist your design may require.   I do not price for labor, materials, permits, or any construction, those costs will come from your contractors.  

HOW LONG DO PROJECTS NORMALLY LAST? This depends on the scope of the project. The more time you can allow for design, the less stressful it will be for you. Occasionally there are delays caused by weather, vendor vacations, factory errors, and other unpredictable influences, that are out of my or your control. The client as well as all professionals hired to work on the project are expected to not cause unreasonable delays in the project.


For E-Design:  Orders are placed by you through affiliate links from online retailers. Order cancellations and returns will be handled directly with the retailer.

Most often Designer orders cannot be cancelled or refunded. In the event that a full refund can be attained you may cancel the order and receive a refund for the cost of the item minus the purchasing fee and any other applicable fees. You will be charged hourly for the time spent on cancelled orders. Custom orders are nonrefundable.

WHEN ARE PAYMENTS DUE? Payments for Designer items are due with the signed proposal within 3 days. Invoices for time billing and reimbursable expenses are due on receipt. Invoices more than 30 days past due will accrue a 10% late fee per month and all work will cease until invoice is paid.


WHAT IF I HAVE CONCERNS? Please bring these to my attention immediately and we will discuss your concerns and if necessary, find a more desirable solution.  


WHAT ABOUT BUDGET?  Understanding your investment is very important for the project to run smoothly and for your expectations to be met. After you send my your project information, I will give you an estimated minimum design cost.   If you have limited funds, we can typically find a smaller scope of work to fit.


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SPECIFICATION & PROPOSAL? A Specification is a spreadsheet document that details all the items to be used and purchased for a project   A Proposal is a document where I am requesting payment for items so that I can purchase the item on your behalf. 


HOW ARE ITEMS DELIVERED? Shipping & Delivery policies will differ by vendor.  The client is responsible for purchasing and making arrangements for storage and/or delivery when shopping on line.  Designer purchases will be drop shipped to you, or made available for local pick up by your contractor.  Client is responsible for all costs of shipping, handling, storage, delivery, installation and returns.