Design for Historic Homes

Design for a historic home

There’s also the romantic notion of bringing an old home back to life: done right, the results of a restoration can be incredible.

Historic home restoration is a specialized and intricate field,

How to properly go about renovating your historic property:

  • Research the history of your property thoroughly
  • Identify any original features, architecture & materials
  • Keep additions & updates in the main style and period of the structure.  See these examples of historic home styles.
  • Authenticate any desired changes to the property through
    • Historic documents & photos
    • Government & Property Records
    • Written & Oral Histories
  • Select paint colors that vary from other properties in the district to avoid repetition.
    • Historic paint pallets are available from most paint manufacturers, and any paint distributer will color match.
  • Look for examples and inspiration from established historic neighborhoods, books, magazines
  • Obtain any necessary approval for exterior changes to a property from your local Historic District governing authority. This includes, but not limited to:
    • Paint colors
    • Columns & Beams
    • Windows & Doors
    • Chimneys
    • Accessory buildings


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