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Historic Home Design

Historic preservation helps tell the story of our nation in all its complexity and diversity.


I have always loved historic architecture, ever since studying architectural history as an Art Major, from pre-historic cave dwellings to craftsman bungalows.  As a professional designer I have been very fortunate to work within historic districts in Texas to renovate old homes, repurpose old warehouses and serve my community as a Historical Commissioner.  I’m sure we can all agree  that certain historic places feature grand homes, generations of affluent residents or were the site of a major historical event.  But for every Monticello,  Falling Water or Alamo, there are also  modest communities that have been home to generations of working-class families. With the incredible growth happening all across the US, we must remember the history embedded in these communities is just as important, and just as worthy of protection, preservation and celebration.



  • Historic Home Design
  • Historic Reconstruction
  • Historic Renovation
  • Property Research
  • Architectural Style Identification Styles
  • Renovation Planning Using the National Standards
  • Appropriate Material Selection
  • Period Furnishings

Blog Series:  Guide to Understanding & Renovating Your Historic Home

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