Dutch Colonial 

  • Steep Pitched Gable Roof
  • Gambrel Roof
  • Flared Eaves
  • Dutch Cross Bond

Colonial Revival 

  •  Georgian, Federal, Roman Classicism
  • Symmetrical façade with accentuated front door
  • Decorative pediment over entry porch
  • Doors have fanlights or sidelights
  • Windows frequently paired
  • Roof: Gabled, hipped or gambrel

Spanish Colonial 

  • Stuccoed Walls
  • Red Tile Roof
  • Curved Gable
  • Arched Windows

Stick Victorian

  • Stickwork trusses
  • Roof: Cross gabled, steeply pitched
  • Diagonal or curving porch braces
  • Varied pattern wooden wall cladding
  • Wide overhanging eaves, Exposed Rafters , Embellished Trusses & braces

Queen Anne Victorian 

  • AKA Gingerbread House
  • Asymmetrical façade
  • Textured shingles
  • Bay windows
  • Turrets
  • Partial or Full-Width asymmetrical porch along one or both side walls
  • Roof: Steeply pitched, irregular and mixed shapes with predominant front gable
  • Spindlework, Gingerbread or Eastlake detailing

 Folk Victorian

  • Basic house with simple form
  • Roof: Front, Side or Winged Gabled, Pyramidal
  • Flat or Jigsaw cut trim detailing

Craftsman, Arts & Crafts or Bungalow

  • Roof: Front, cross, side, or hipped gabled roofs with low-moderate pitch
  • Wide unenclosed eaves , usually with exposed rafter tails & decorative braces
  • Wood weatherboards or shake, stone, brick
  • Porch: Full or Partial width, square support columns with bases extending to the ground
  • Craftsman doors and windows are similar to those used in vernacular Prairie houses.

Minimalist Traditional

  • Simple traditional form with very little decorative detailing
  • Roof: Low to intermediate pitch, Front or side gables
  • Shallow eaves or no overhang
  • Mixed wall cladding

American Four Square

  • Simple square or rectangular plan, symmetrical façade
  • Principle 2 story mass with subordinate porches or carports
  • Roof: Low pitch hip with wide eaves
  • Large central dormer



  • Façade dominated by one or more prominent cross gable
  • Decorative half-timbering or masonry
  • Massive chimney commonly with decorative chimney pots
  • Roof: steeply pitched, cross gables
  • Tall narrow or various shaped windows in multiple groups


Cape Cod

Gothic Revival 1860-1890

  •   Steeply pitched roof with steep cross gable
  • Walls extend into gables with no break
  • Decorated Vergeboards
  • Gothic, pointed arch windows extending into gable
  • Full width porch with flattened pointed arch supports


National Style