How to Decorate Your Vacation Rental

Make more Money, Get Higher Occupancy, stand out from the competition and get great reviews

Decorating your vacation rental (AirBnB, VBRO) is essentially the same process as decorating your regular home, with some key differences in the details. (The devil is in the details, you know.) The goal should be to create a hotel room with soul. You must take an objective point of view, and see your home as a hospitality business. You are the CEO of a small boutique hotel.

The key is knowing your target market and your local aesthetic. Are you catering to families, couples, groups? Are you located in a bustling city center or remote oasis? Your decor should reflect your guests needs, and the local scene. TIP: don’t use easily stained fabrics in a place meant for families, don’t decorate your city center loft in a beach theme.

Remember, you are now in the Hospitality business, so your furnishings and decor should be of the caliber of any 5 star hotel. This means, in addition to a beautifully thought out decorating scheme, you must have durable, washable furniture (slip covers, leather, Krypton fabrics), high end bed linens and towels (all white for bleaching), an organized and de-cluttered space, amenities and safety necessities.

While style and decor are important, of course, so is your guests overall experience. So, my guide includes decorating advice, as well as pointers on providing a fully equipped, well rounded accommodation.

Below is a bullet list of items to think about and provide.

This Must Be The Place signage

Basic Decorating Plan How-To

  1. Program – Decide your plan of action: Target Market, Style, Inspiration, Budget, Wants, Needs & Priorities
  2. Space Plan – Map out your circulation paths & furnishings & storage. Best to measure your space, and draw up a scaled floor plan. (Here’s how to measure your space.)
  3. Select furnishings, decor items, lighting, rugs, window treatments & art
  4. Select Paint colors
  5. Make necessary repairs & paint
  6. Install
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House & Property

If you think, Will my guest notice?… They will.

tufted orange sofa with brown boat mural paint in the back


leaves arrangement in vase on table


Clean, uncluttered spaces have a calming effect and won’t overwhelm guests.


white wooden kitchen island


Resort Linen Program




Safety Necessities


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