How to Measure a Room

Helpful Tools:

  1. Draw the general shape of the room, from a bird’s eye view.

2. Draw in any doors, windows or openings

3. Measure the room overall, including ceiling height.

4. Measure the doors, windows and openings locations.

Pro Tip: Start in a corner and measure moving clockwise around the room

5. Draw in Details, including appliances, cabinets, columns, soffits, etc.

6. Measure Cabinet & Appliance locations –

-Measure wall to center point of sink & range. Be sure to measure and note appliance size (ex. 30″ Range, 36″ Fridge, etc)

-Measure actual space area for Fridge (between tall cabinets, or edge of countertop, or door trim, etc.)

-Measure cabinets (not countertops)

Remember to add any additional information or details such as:

Pro Tip: You can’t provide too much information.