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I firmly believe that everyone benefits from a beautiful and functional home. Life is crazy and at the end of the day, we all want to land someplace that welcomes us with familiar things and comfortable spaces.

When it comes to designing your home, I’ll rely on your goals and preferences to create spaces YOU will love. I’ll incorporate your ideas & treasures, to the best of my ability, in your design plans. I won’t be imposing personal preferences on you and won’t ask you to toss out everything you dream of & love. Rather, we’ll be creating your home by defining and refining your style, to create the best version of your dream home. More about how I work here.


I’m Annilee, I am happy to meet you!

I’ve been a designer in various forms for nearly 30 years. I got my start in Set Decorating for films & TV, then became a designer in the real world. I now design custom homes and renovations. I specialize in 3d modeling and rendering.

I am a Nationally Certified Professional Building Designer & a Registered Interior Designer. This means I have a been nationally tested & certified, receive 12 hours per year of continuing education, and I am background checked & fingerprinted by the state of Texas. I am authorized to design architecture for residential buildings, and I am a Professional Member of The American Institute of Building Design.

I live just outside Dallas, in a vintage Cape Cod cottage in the woods. We share the property with my parents and their hobby farm. My studio is in my home. Through online design, I work with clients all over the world.

My husband and I have a 17 year old daughter and 14 year old son. We love to travel, and spend time with family.

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Business Hours – Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Central Time. Closed All Holidays. *All communication and work is completed during business hours only. Special requests for rush jobs or after hours will be billed a rush fee.

Communication – I’m a big fan of making technology work for us. I utilize email, Zoom, my website & Google Drive for on-line collaboration.

Meetings – Most meetings will be held via Zoom.

Email – Best for communicating information & sending files, pictures, dimensions, etc. This way, we have a clear, searchable thread of information.

Phone – All design consultation calls should be pre scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Please always leave a detailed voicemail with questions and I will most likely respond via email.
Text – Texting & Direct Messaging is reserved for family & friends only. I do not accept Texts or DMs from any messaging services for business purposes.

Deliverables – I draw plans and create renderings with various professional software. All documents will be provided in printable PDF or JPG form.

Photos & Renderings – I will be taking or requesting before, during and after photos of our project. I like to share sneak peeks, material selections, exciting milestones & of course the finished product on Social Media & my website. I will NEVER share any of your personal information or address.

Design Fees – I will provide an estimated design fee, based on the number of hours I estimate your project might take. I require an initial deposit for services, based on the scope of work and estimated fee. After the initial hours are used, you will be billed monthly for design time. I track all of my time and tasks. See More Here

  • Consulting : $145 per hour
  • Custom Design Projects are priced as per scope of work.
  • Hours are billed monthly & due at time of receipt.

Billing & Payments – I send all invoices via Quickbooks online. You will receive emails from Quickbooks. I accept ACH bank transfers or mailed checks. I only accept credit cards if specially requested, and there will be a 3% additional fee. I will accept some types of cryptocurrency under special arrangements. Mailed checks are subject to a waiting period for clearance.

Design Time – Billable design time includes, but is not limited to: All in person or online Meetings with client, contractors or vendors. All Phone calls, email and Messaging. Time spent Drawing, Drafting, Modeling, Rendering, researching or sourcing.

Contractors – I work directly with the client for all design work. I will coordinate with the client’s choice of builder, contractors, or other professional service providers as needed through the process.


  • Engineering of ANY kind: Grading, Foundations, Floor systems, Joist loads, Rafter loads, Wind loads, Framing & Bracing, Roofs, Trusses, Mechanical or HVAC, Septic Engineering, etc.
  • Permit Applications, Certified county plat, Geological Reports, Energy compliance (Res Check)
  • Project Management
  • Product Purchasing
  • Contractors