Look at colors in the place they will be painted

Light is different in every space.  Windows & doors effect the natural light.  Lamps and fixtures each cast their own variation. Color chips will look very different in the store.  Take a few of each color chip home and pin them to several walls.  Look at the colors at different times of day to see how they look in the morning vs at night, as the light changes.   The best time of day to see the true color is between 11am – 4pm, using natural light.

Look at the darkest color on the strip

This is your guide to the undertones of the colors on the rest of that strip.  If the top color appears gray but the darkest color looks deep green, then be assured that gray looking color will pull green when it’s up on the walls!

Select the proper finish

Multiple finish options can be intimidating! A lot of people think that one of the most popular finishes is a flat wall color.  Follow the following guideline: For living area walls, I suggest an eggshell finish.  Bathrooms and kitchens go with satin.  For trim and wood you want a little sheen, semi-gloss works great!

Tones speak volumes

Color can be added anywhere in your space.  You can choose to paint your walls hot pink if your heart desires, but remember in two to five years from now hot pink may not be so hot anymore.  I recommend keeping your color palette soft, not harsh, and pepper in accent colors for a cohesive look and feel!


Neutrals are not boring!

In fact they are beautiful and serene.  Neutrals allow you a fresh palette to either add pops of color or layer in other neutrals. Some of the most comfortable homes I have designed are based on neutral tones!

Choose textiles + decor before selecting the paint

Yes, that’s right, paint can sometimes be best picked last if you are updating furnishings and textiles in the room.  For example, if you have a rug selected for the room, choose a color that coordinates with the rug rather than selecting a rug that coordinates with the paint.  It will save you time and energy.  Same applies with pillows and linens!