My local Chamber of Commerce has written a feature article about me in this month’s news letter!
Spotlight on Member
Annilee Ramirez & ABR Interior Design Bring Style to Sachse
Annilee Ramirez has been working as a designer since 2003. After completing all of the requirements for licensing in 2007, Annilee received her Interior Design license from the State of Texas.
Although she was originally employed by Interior Designer Firms in Austin and Dallas, Annilee is now based in Sachse. Annilee officially started ABR Interior Design in January 2008.
After attending art school at UT Austin, I worked in the feature film and television industry in art departments and set decorating. After 5 years, I decide to venture into the real world, hoping to make more of an impact in my own community.
Annilee says, “I am truly inspired by my clients. Everyone has new ideas and presents new challenges to create great design. I can offer very personalized flexible design services. As an independent designer, I can work any way that my clients feel comfortable, without preconceived restrictions. I have met so many great local business owners. The Chamber has helped build my confidence as an independent business woman, by knowing that I am not alone!”