In this world of HGTV and Pinterest, there is a misperception that designing a home is fast and easy.  Yes, planning your vision on Pinterest is fun, (it’s an important tool in my process as well)  But, as simple as it might seem on screen, designing your home involves a lot of details and decisions, and can get stressful quickly.  You could spend hours pinning inspiration ideas and watching the “pros” do a renovation, and still not know where to even start.   A professional designer can turn what could potentially be super stressful and time consuming into a fun, easy and creative experience.

Here’s 10 benefits of Hiring a Professional Designer that will add value to your home project.

Reduce Stress & Overwhelm

Home projects, large or small, involve a lot of decision making.  Should you follow trends or keep it classic?  How do you get that pulled together look?  How do you plan out the actual work? From layout to wall color to flooring, bedding, curtains, art, and how it will all pull together, can be stressful and overwhelming.  You could spend hours, days or months searching for tile, shopping around for that perfect sofa, or agonizing over which shade of white to choose.  A designer can present you with a few hand selected choices for each item so that you don’t have the stress and overwhelm of sorting through the thousands of options on the market.

Having a designer who has the vision to create a comprehensive design, and the experience to make a plan to execute each step, can make all the difference.

Save Time & Money

It may seem counterintuitive; spend money on design fees to save money on your project, but a  professional designer will save you time and money by helping you make better decisions faster, and helping you set, and stick to, your budget. 

Most of us have a finite amount of time and money to spend.  Making the right decisions, the first time, and having a budget for your investment saves on both.   This is accomplished by working the project as whole, (rather than piece by piece) allocating the budget from the start, and narrowing down the options for you by utilizing designer resources.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that looked great in the store, but was too big or too small for your room, or loved a paint color on the swatch, but hated on your wall? Even these relatively small mistakes can cost you time and money.   By bringing in a professional designer, you will get a plan and budget that includes everything your space needs.  A Designer will plan your space technically and aesthetically so that your home will function how you need it to, the new furnishings will fit, and the décor will all flow. You will know all of the pieces you are purchasing, and how they will all look together before you spend one penny, so that you can confidently place orders without worrying.

An experienced designer also understands the process, and will be able to anticipate problems and obstacles that may come up so that you’re not stuck making pressured, last minute decisions that can cost more and cause delays. This is crucial in managing time and money. For example, proper outlet placement is going to depend on how you want your furniture placed. These types of issues should be addressed before any construction, and an interior designer will know exactly which issues need to be brought up.

Unique Ideas & that Wow Factor

A phrase I hear quite often is “Wow, I hadn’t thought of that”.  A good designer will think outside the beige box.   Designers are trained to think creatively and to see an overall picture so that no detail is forgotten.

Carbon-copying that bedroom you found on Pinterest sounds nice in theory—but it wouldn’t leave you with a unique space that feels like YOUR home. A professional interior designer will source unique, trade exclusive items and create custom-designed pieces to make sure everything  is truly special to your home.  They will help you finish off those last little details and touches that make your space feel finished and give it the wow factor.   No one will walk into your home and say “Oh I saw that at Pottery Barn!” or “My friend has that!” 

Achieve Professional Results

There are so many great ideas out there.  You may be overwhelmed by them on the internet and in catalogs, and your well-meaning contractor, or your friend with an eye for design, have probably thrown around a few great ideas as well.  However, as great as they may be, it doesn’t mean it will work in your house, or that they will all work together. Pinterest makes it look easy, I know. Even if you copy that gorgeous room exactly, or incorporate that amazing thing your contractor built in the neighbor’s house your home may not look great.  This comes down to the unseen elements and principles of design that professional designers are trained to understand.A designer has the ability to see the big picture, and envision all of these factors working together. 

A trained Designer understands the principles and elements of design.  These are the underlying technicalities that make a cohesive design, and ultimately give that professional look.  Things like scale, proportion, balance, line, color & texture must all be considered, in each room as a whole and in each element in that room. 

A skilled designer can take the guesswork, and stress, out of the process.  They will take your ideas and raise them to the next level.  A designer will define and refine your choices

Product Knowledge & Expertise

With the thousands of choices for any product available today, how do you know what’s right for you?  Typically, we make our decisions based on price, style and quality, but what else do you need to know? For example, just because an item is gorgeous, made by a stylish company, or expensive, doesn’t always mean it’s built to last.

Professional designers receive regular product and industry training.  They can work with your wish list and tailor products specifically to your home and lifestyle and budget.  There are new products entering the market every day, your designer can do the research and advise you for or against specific products.   Designers will have relationships directly with product manufacturers.  This means, rather than working through a retail shop, the designer can go straight to the source for the most up to date product information.

Access to Resources

Your lifestyle and taste are completely unique, so why settle for the cookie-cutter offerings in chain stores and from online retailers?  Why be limited to what standard shops have to offer?  Designers have a wide array of products at their fingertips to get you totally unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.  For all of the items you may see in a shop or a showroom, a designer will have access to many more.  Your designer can present the most current options available on the market and often have insight into up and coming products.  A designer’s network of professional relationship with manufactures and vendors give them access to trade only showrooms & yearly trade market events. 

A professional designer has their business set up just like a retail shop; they have a resale certificate and tax ID.  This means they can purchase directly from wholesalers and manufacturers, giving you the best   options available. A designer will also be able get samples of fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, paint colors, etc that are not available through shops or to the public.  Product samples enable a designer to give you the pulled together look, so you can purchase confidently.

Someone in Your Corner

 A good designer will know how to speak the language of construction and décor.  They can help you understand the blueprints and know what your contractor is talking about when they use industry or technical terms.   

Neutral Decision Maker

Often times, there is more than one decision maker in a project.  This means there could be varying opinions and ideas.  A good designer is also a creative mediator.   They will listen to everyone involved, gather all of the information, and find the best combination and solution to fit your needs and wants.

Good Design is Important

I believe a home tells your story, and will be part of your ongoing story.  It’s a connection to your past, where you can imagine your future; a safe place for retreat, and your headquarters for planning your life. Your home grows with you, and becomes an extension of yourself.  Home is where you bring your new born babies, gather with your family and friends for holidays, where you make and cherish memories.

I believe good design will improve the way you live in your home. It’s about making your life more wonderful through beauty, form, and function.

My goal is to craft beautiful and functional spaces that inspire people as they live, work, and play. I will create a personal and timeless home for you.

I know the perfect home for you will transform your life.

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