This week was all about install!


Well, the drywall is up and the walls are painted!  


The Solar Tube is in, and it is FANTASTIC!!  This bathroom has no windows, so no natural light.  The solar tube is amazing, it’s like there’s a window in there now, and it completely changed the feel of the space.


Tile went in on the floor and in the shower.  In the interest of time and sanity, we decided to bring in some help.  But, I did install the new door myself, which was interesting. 


Pro tip: Don’t throw out the old door before you install the new one.  You need to line up the old and new, and mark the hinges and door knob, so they line up properly with existing holes on the frame.  


And y’all, this is my first ever White room!  I have NEVER chosen a white paint for anything other than trim in my own home.  This was So scary for me!  I seriously debated it, and worried about it.  But, I love it!  It’s so bright and airy in what used to be such a dark and dismal bathroom.


To Do List:

  • Vanity
  • Wardrobe
  • Glass Shower Door

See y’all next week!

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