This week I’m working on my furniture pieces.  I bought both of them a while back, with the plan to use them in this bathroom.  

I purposefully searched for a buffet with some damage, as I wanted to turn it into my vanity.  I love it for the style, and the size is perfect.  It’s a little taller than a regular bathroom vanity, at 38″ but I like it that way.  I’m using the original wood top, with several coats of Marine Poly to waterproof it. The sink is a classic ceramic drop in, and the faucet is a vintage style chrome gooseneck with cross bar handles.

The wardrobe will be for storage, you know, all the stuff families need to keep in the bathroom.  When I bought it, the seller had it outside in their driveway, and it was a super windy day.  So… even though I gave it the sniff test, I didn’t realize it was absolutely drenched in cigarette smoke until I was driving home with it. It was really bad y’all.  It took weeks of scrubbing with vinegar and baking soda and airing out to put a dent in the stench.  

For both pieces, I cleaned them thoroughly, and then used Howard’s Restore-A-Finish.  I can’t say enough good things about that product, it cleans up the original finish beautifully.

Then, for the vanity, I cut the hole for the sink using a jig saw, and a hole for the pipes using a hole-saw bit on my drill.

The 2 drawers will be shortened to fit in front of the sink and drain pipe.

To Do List:

  • Finishing Touches
  • Photos

See y’all next week for the reveal!!

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